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Welcome to Balletiquette Online!

We are thankful to be able to connect online and continue to move and grow together as a community. We are all being challenged in one way or another and I believe we will come out of this more united than ever. At Balletiquette Online you will find, up to date information, virtual class offerings, virtual pricing, Youtube Videos, Performance Info, at home recommendations, and info on how to use Zoom. Let's get moving and stay connected to our bodies, each other and our mind!



Please join us on Instagram & Facebook at @balletiquette for the most recent updates and check back here for up to date information.

Balletiquette will send out e-mails during the month as well but encourages you to follow via social media for the most up to date information.  



04/16 - New Ballet 1 & 2 Video (email for new links),  At home Recommendations updated

04/1 - Updates were added to Performance info

03/30 - Updates were added to Zoom Info below

Teeny Tot, Pre Ballet, Ballet 1 & 2

YouTube Videos

are now live!

Email/DM for the link.

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Basic/Beg Ballet

This class will be appropriate for adult program levels basic and beginner and for children's program levels 1 and 2

Beg/Int Ballet

This class will be appropriate for adult program levels beginner and intermediate and for children's program levels 3 and 4

Pilates Mat

This class is appropriate for all levels of adults and suggested children's program levels 2 and up. Recommend Props - Mat, Theraband, and Pilates Ball

Pilates Ballet Combo

This class is appropriate for all levels of adults and suggested children's program levels 2 and up. Recommend Props - Mat, Theraband, and Pilates Ball



In an effort to create cash flow and keep our doors open during this tough time, Balletiquette will be placing all class packages on hold and offering new packages for online classes.​ 

1 Class - $15

10 Classes - $140

Unlimited Membership - $175


If you purchased classes during the month of March and would like your package to be transferred into an online package instead of being placed on hold please email




Teeny Tot & Pre Ballet

Classes will be pre recorded and uploaded to Balletiquette's Youtube for your convenience. Password Required. See You Tube link/button below. Option to join any live Ballet 1/2 Class.

Email for Youtube Links!

Ballet 1 & 2

Classes will be pre recorded and uploaded to Balletiquette's Youtube (Password Required) for your convenience with live classes specifically for the children's program once per week. Option to join any Basic/Beg Ballet Class. See YouTube link/button below.

Email for Youtube Links!

Ballet 3 & 4

Classes will be held once per week via zoom specifically for the children's program with option to join any Basic, Beg, Int, or Pilates Class.



Any Student & Household who is up to date with tuition will have access to Balletiquette Online's Unlimited Membership free of charge until the end of April. Take advantage of the opportunity to train every day! Parents are also encouraged to take class! Thank you for your continued support and patience during this tough time. Stay positive and keep moving.

Email for Promo Code!

Purchase the Unlimited Balletiquette Online Membership.

Performance Info

We are waiting to hear back from the theatre. They have not canceled our reservation but aren't currently accepting new reservations. We will have a performance. More info to follow.

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Meeting Code - 401 850 2377

- Download the Zoom App

- Sign In

- Click Join Meeting

- Type In Zoom Code - 401 850 2377

- PASSWORD(Our Phone Number) - Sent In Confirmation Email

- Wait in waiting room until the host to admits you into class
Please arrive no earlier than ten minutes before class. 


Class Etiquette

Students can join the "waiting room" while waiting for the host. Once the host enters, we will allow a few mins for everyone to say hello. After greeting each other please configure your video to see your full body and silence your self by clicking the microphone button located on the bottom left for computers/phones and top right on iPads. You can also pin the teacher's screen by double clicking pin logo or clicking the three dots then the pin button. If the teacher asks a question please simply signal a thumbs up for yes and a thumbs down for no. If you have any questions during class you can raise your hand virtually or physically. Classes will end promptly to provide time to set up for the next class. Please say your hello's at the beginning of class!

See video below for how to join the class.


Ballet Barre Recommendations

Mrs Ali Recommends 

RIVONI Premium Massage Ball Set - Lacrosse Ball, Peanut Double Lacrosse Ball, Firm and Soft Spiky Balls - for Deep Tissue Therapy, Trigger Point and Myofascial Release, Yoga Massage, Foot Massager
by Rivoni
Learn more:

If you have purchased or built your own ballet studio at home please let us know what you recommend!

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