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Although Balletiquette offers and welcomes many forms of dance, we are predominantly a Ballet school.


All young dancers ages 3-13 are required to take at least one ballet class. No exceptions.


Level III and up students must take at least two ballet classes to be eligible for pointe work.


In order to be in Level III and up, students must be able to take two classes a week.


Teens who have experience in other dance forms are recommended to take ballet to enhance professional endeavors.


All classes are subject to change and the management reserves the right to hire a qualified substitute teacher for any class offered.


There are no refunds for missed classes; however, students are welcome to make up the class during the present term.


All Students must attend class at least once a week to participate in any performance. Students who qualify to perform outside policy will pay an increased performance fee.


Students are required to have been training for two consecutive terms in order to participate in any performance.


Online Registration is required each term for all students. Exceptions to the policies may be discussed with management.


Balletiquette will notify students of any change in the schedule.




All students are required to pay a $25 annual registration fee.


Tuition is non-refundable.


All tuition is due and payable in advance.


Tuition is paid every 5 months or monthly.


Class packages are for adults only. 


Expired class packages will not be refunded.


Tuition is due the first week of each designated month.


Any change in your scheduled requires a notification. *Students will be charged until a notification is submitted.


Tuition will be billed only if payment is delinquent and a $25.00 late charge will be enforced.


Late charges apply on the 8th day of each tuition month.




We always want to present a polished performance quality appearance.


Hair must be up off the back of your neck and away from the face in either a ponytail or bun.


All students must abide by the dress code for class level assigned.


Students in ballet may wear a solid colored leotard of their choice for the first week of each month.


A bun is mandatory for every ballet Class.


No holes or runs in tights. No jewelry is allowed for safety reasons.


No baggy sweatpants.


Approved dance warm-ups are permitted at the barre until your muscles are warm, but must be removed after plies for ballet.


Cover-ups must be worn to and from class. Never enter or leave the studio in only your dance attire.


Do not wear dance shoes outside.


Inappropriate dress or behavior will not be allowed. Serious offenses may result in suspension or expulsion. 


At the end of a dance class, it is tradition to clap and respectfully thank the instructor with a curtsy.


The owner has the right to refuse lessons to any student whose tuition is not paid in full.

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